InEuropa launches new training course! Apply for E+ KA1 Mobility, don’t miss it!


InEuropa is happy to announce its brand-new training course “European projects: creating Europe. A bottom-up approach”!

Do you wish to boost your EU-project making skills, creativity & innovation potential? Create European connections? Apply for Erasmus + KA1 Mobility Grants by the 2nd of February 2017 and join this course!

InEuropa can help you improving your professional competences in project design and management related to European funding, your business efficiency and innovation strategies through its a practical approach, merging theory with hands-on exercises and new methodologies such as BRICKme®, aimed at encouraging creativity and improving business performances.

The course is opened to professionals, experts, young people, students, staff from public and private organizations, regardless of their level of competence in the EU funding sector, but motivated by the will of exploring this particular world and make the best out of the EU opportunities.

The training is aimed at:

  • providing an overview of the information channels on EU funding programmes for the period 2014-2020
  • providing the necessary tools to get to know and understand the financing opportunities, so to choose the most appropriate funding sources according to the objectives to reach
  • showing how to set up and develop national and transnational partnerships
  • introducing and implementing essential elements of euro-project making
  • creating networks
  • turning ideas, intuitions and awareness into concrete and shared objectives
  • producing a solid and feasible workplan to start an innovation process
  • launching a changing process towards better and more efficient decisions

The training will take place in Italy (Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna) and will be delivered by InEuropa expert staff with renowned experience in training and project management.

Find out all the details in the dedicated section!

If you cannot apply for Erasmus + KA1 Mobility Grants, you can fundraise yourself to support your participation. Participants out of the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant scheme are welcome as well!