Technical assistance

1 Guidance to project making and detection of financing sources

Assistance and counselling activities through one or more meetings in the client’s headquarter to outline the project idea and identify the appropriate co-funding resources.

2 Development and Research of financial support for projects and initiatives

Main activities in this regards are:

  • identify the legal and policy framework in place with regards to the themes of the action or of the project;
  • support the development of the project, identify the right partners, etc.;
  • identify the most appropriate funding sources for each project;
  • pre-screening activities at the institutions venues;
  • support the design and preparation phases of project proposals/ funding applications.

3 Creation and management of partnership networks

Establishment of relations with European partners in order to participate to the submission of projects to European call for proposals:

  • identification of partners at national and international level;
  • constant dialogue with European partners;

Transfer of know-how

Assistance and support to clients for the design and implementation of services dealing with Community issues. This assistance service pursues the following objectives:

  • to promote the participation in European programmes and initiatives;
  • to improve professional competences and project design skills in the European field;
  • to enhance the role of clients as active players in the development of European policies;
  • to support clients implementing both internal and external dissemination services so to make clients autonomous on the medium/long-term;
  • to integrate the European funding instruments with other financing sources;
  • to support the transnational management and coordination of approved projects, from the administrative and financial point of view and for aspects related to the reporting.

5 Strategic planning on European opportunities

Elaboration of strategic frameworks for organizations to plan their future activities effectively according to European programmes opportunities:

  • need assessment through focused meetings;
  • analysis of the European funding opportunities matching the organization’s needs;
  • projects design on the basis of the detected opportunities;
  • information about timing and conditions for projects’ design/development/submission.