About us

InEuropa Srl is an Italian Ltd providing information and services with ability and professionalism with the aim of sensitizing public and private bodies on policies and programmes of the European Union, to elaborate projects and supply anyone is interested in Community opportunities with technical assistance. InEuropa has been founded in January 2006 by experts that for more than 20 years have been working on Community projects and subjects aimed at supporting public and private bodies and associations in the access to Community financial opportunities.

InEuropa has been growing thanks to professional skilled experts working in team on European projects with competency and enthusiasm. InEuropa focuses on inter-relational exchange, dialogue, listening, design of tailored paths aimed at transforming ideas into concrete projects. The methodology used is based on the practical experience gained in the last 20 years by its expert staff, its facilitators of change driving to sustainability.

The company pursues the following general objectives:

  • to trigger a process of growth and change that helps developing new initiatives, strengthening business positioning, creating a transnational path of exchange and innovation
  • to raise awareness and inform territorial administrators on European policies and programmes and their link to local policy
  • to favour the creation of European relations and networks
  • to find out European financial contributions to strategic activities
  • to create a project designing ‘culture’ on the territory
  • to join and support municipalities and other territorial bodies in project-design and management

its main activities are in providing information, training and technical assistance to any organization in Italy and abroad on EU policies and European action programmes. InEuropa also carries out research and evaluation works in the field of European policies, territorial cooperation and culture.

For this, InEuropa team is composed by facilitators and catalysts able to introduce strategic planning in any organization, being it public or private, fostering networking and avoid defragmentation in any field, with special regards to local development actions, culture and environment and social issues. InEuropa fosters innovative smart approaches and helps for positive change with special regards to environmental behaviour changes and entrepreneurship through gamification approach.