Barbara Grazzini

ba_primopiano-283x300Deputy President of InEuropa Srl

For more than 20 years Barbara has had several high qualified experiences of information, training, support and management activities of European projects working for public and private bodies in Italy.

She coordinates the project development and management area of the company. She has been developing and managing EU projects for Italian public and private bodies in any field both in the framework of Structural funds (Interreg, ETC) and EU Action programmes (see the section Funded projects). She regularly delivers training courses on European project development process, tools and methods and on project management, coordination and reporting. Barbara ran projects for the creation of new learning processes working on empowerment, on guiding people and organisations in facing a new challenge and in transforming ideas into projects. Also works in the research and development activities drafting analysis and feasibility plans for private and public organizations and for InEuropa itself in the framework of EU programmes. Barbara acts as a catalyst and facilitator.

She is a certified LEGO@SERIOUS PLAYÒ facilitator.

Barbara Grazzini brought the GAP’s concept and approach of “empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably” in Italy. Since 2009 she has been cooperating with GAP UK to manage Environmental programmes in Italy promoting environmental behavior change within private companies and schools through training programmes and communication campaigns (see Waterexplorer and FAct!-Food Action Programme) .

Barbara is the national contact person of Global Action Plan International and member of GAP International Board of Directors at international level.