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The European Union has launched the programming period 2014-2020, composed of a series of policies and funding programmes with the purpose of enhancing the member States’ development and economic, social and cultural integration.

It is possible to participate to these funding opportunities by designing and implementing projects promoted by different actors of the economic system established in different Countries: enterprises, associations, financial institutions and public entities, both individually and in partnership.

The intensive training course in Euro-project making proposed by InEuropa is aimed at providing basic instruments for a more in-depth knowledge of the current funding opportunities offered by the European Commission, in order to strengthen the professional competences in project design and management related to European funding, highlighting the differences between EU investments and national and regional opportunities.

The Course presents a first theoretical part introducing different types of European funding programmes, followed by a second detailed part concerning the practical project making, so to get acquainted directly with project making instruments.

This extremely practical approach makes the course innovative. Concrete examples and field experiences will be used to involve the participants in an active learning path.

Moreover, it will be an opportunity for networking and creating connections at international level, in view of possible future joint projects.

The utmost innovation will be the use of the BRICKme® methodology, useful to create networks, to facilitate the emerging of ideas and to define the organisation’s objectives, so to identify the idea to be transformed into a European project more clearly (project work). The BRICKme® methodology consists of an innovative approach aimed at encouraging creativity and improving business performances, helping us understanding dynamic and intertwined systems thanks to several feedback mechanisms and loops on empathy, provided through a series of exercises.

Thanks to BRICKme®, the team will bring out all the necessary and useful energy to find solutions, set out clear and definite objectives, plan actions, improve business positioning and increase collaboration inside the team.

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