Working Method

InEuropa has developed working methods and instruments that allow for analysing and answering precisely to the necessities and strategic priorities of the clients it works with, presenting European programmes and opportunities that best meet the needs assessed.

In particular, InEuropa can count on:

  • a network of strategic partnerships and professional collaborations that ensure the most qualified know-how and expertise, able to provide all the services needed for the design and success of a project
  • a multidisciplinary working method that conceives technology as a tool for working, connecting and collaborating
  • a participatory project making methodology ensuring the authenticity of the project contents, starting from the analysis of the context and necessities and then developing it through the integration of activities such as research, training, technology transfer, dissemination of results.

InEuropa has elaborated the Project Idea Form, a necessary step to get familiar with the realisation of a project idea.

The “project idea form” is a valid instrument to identify the very first project concept.

This tool is structured in fields to be filled in, so to enable our staff to assess which European opportunities can embrace the specific project idea.

Moreover, once filled in, it can be adapted to the programme requisites and translated to be used in the partner search.

We suggest to fill in the field “Activities” according to subsequent steps and in a time sequence.

If you have a project idea to bring to our attention and you want to have a confrontation with us, please fill in the form and send it to the email address: