logo-bridges-whiteBRIDGES – Broadening positive Reflections on the Issue of Disability, Generating Empowerment for Stakeholders

Agreement n. 2019-1-PT01-KA204-061388

Programme and call

Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, Strategic partnerships for adult education, call 2019

Lead partner

Atlantica University (PT)

Short description

The project addresses the challenge of social and employment integration of people with disabilities, focusing on the training and development of specific skills of professionals who will have the role of “bridge” between the disabled and society through mentoring activities and orientation towards job opportunities and other useful channels.


– Strengthen the skills of professionals working directly or indirectly with people with disabilities through training and development of inclusion skills
– To create contents and resources for the specific training of these professionals who will act as intermediaries and coaches for people with disabilities.
– To develop skills related to career counselling and personalized coaching in the professional figures involved and to promote the development in disabled people of soft skills such as emotional intelligence and empathy, work attitude, proactivity, knowledge of services for professional placement.
– Create innovative training products based on a real needs analysis
– Raising public awareness of the integration of people with disabilities into social and working life by combating stereotypes and prejudices

Project activities


IO1 – Review Paper on Context: initial research and analysis consisting of 7 national reports and a joint European report on best integration practices for disabled people and the mapping of the training needs of the target audience (disabled people, public service operators such as employment and information desks or social services, civil society organisations working with disabled people and important actors in the local labour market).
IO2 – BRIDGES Training Curriculum: transversal training curriculum able to reach professionals from different backgrounds and with different knowledge, based on the following themes: Special Education, Inter-coaching training and human resources management, Vocational & Career Counseling, Career/Life/Performance Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Abilities, Empathy Building, Active listening and Communication, Behavior Change & Work Culture, Self-activation and Symbol Work, Sustainability and Disability, Principles of Labor Services Provisions, Knowledge Base on the Supported Models of Employment, Media Exploitation for raising awareness and employment promotion.
IO3 – Digital Toolbox and Resources: online platform, e-learning course and application for mobile devices containing the project products available for free
IO4 – Methodology and Adaptation Guide: practical guidelines for organisations interested in replicating training to different targets of people with disabilities in their own context, in order to train different professionals according to specific needs.

Expected results

Better integration of disabled people in the societies of reference, both in terms of social inclusion through the elimination of stigma and prejudices towards them, and in working contexts through targeted training of orientation towards opportunities suitable for each individual; better skills and competences of civil society organizations and public employment services to relate and advise people with disabilities; empowerment of people with disabilities through personalised mentoring, development of interpersonal and transversal competences that help them to promote themselves within society; application of the BRIDGES training curriculum in at least 20 adult education centres in each partner country.


Staff of public employment services and information desks, professionals working in NGOs and civil society organisations, training centres for adults and family members of people with disabilities who will be trained to support disabled people in the process of social and employment integration.


– Xenios Polis. Cultures, Science and Action (GR)
– CSI – Centre for Social Innovation (CY)
– InEuropa srl (IT)
– Caminos Association (ES)
– Meath Community Rural and Social Development (IE)
– Akademie Klausenhof GmbH (DE)


24 months (1 November 2019 – 31 October 2021)


The total cost of the project is EUR 199 218.