Skills, Practice and Recruitment of European musicians for tomorrow. Audience Development in classical music

Project number n° 2015-1148/001-001

Programme and call
Creative Europe – Sub-programme Culture – Call for proposals EACEA 32/2014 for European Cooperation projects

Short description
SPREAD is a transnational project co-funded by the Community’s Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme programme within the 2014 call for proposals. InEuropa srl has carried out the planning and currently supports the lead partner in the management.

SPREAD aims to create a transnational network of European music institutions committed to the implementation of high level music teaching through innovative methods. Specifically, the project aims to provide young musicians with the skills they need to work as professionals in the best international orchestras.

The project includes a variety of activities, including one-to-one lessons, chamber music, chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra, as well as concerts where students and teachers will perform together to create a close cooperation.

Thanks to the contribution of each partner’s expertise in the various fields, the SPREAD project is able to offer a unique and varied experience that meets at least three of the main objectives set by the European Union up to 2020: employment, education and social integration.

Action 1 – Project management and coordination
Action 2 – Project launch meeting
Action 3 – Web promotion tools
Action 4 – Recruitment Phase 1
Action 5 – Planning of master classes
Action 6 – Recruitment Phase 2
Action 7 – Production
Action 8 – Production, training, entertainment
Action 9 – Public development
Action 10 – Repetition of the show
Action 11 – Reporting activities Phase 1 and post-production of digital content
Action 12 – Monitoring and evaluation meeting
Action 13 – Final dissemination activity
Action 14 – Training and entertainment
Action 15 – Temporary exhibition and awareness-raising
Action 16 – Final management meeting

The main expected results of SPREAD are:
– Increase in the number of applications for academic courses from young European musicians

– Increase in the degree of satisfaction with the musical activities carried out and increase in the number of people involved (musicians, public)

– Possibility for the institutions involved to strengthen their position at international level

– Increased job opportunities for young musicians involved (entry into orchestras, etc.)

– Possible increase of cultural tourism in the countries involved in the project.

Lead partner
Gustav Mahler Music and Youth Foundation (Bolzano)

The partnership is made up of 4 private entities from 4 different countries: Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Germany.

The project had a duration of 19 months (1 June 2015 – 31 December 2016)


Total Budget
The project has a total cost of € 332.010,00

199.206,00 co-financed by the EU equal to 60%.

Funding body
European Commission – Directorate-General for Education and Culture