Gamify Your Teaching

Increasing vocational competences of entrepreneurship Teachers with the use of gamification

Agreement n. 2015-1-RO01-KA202-014975

The main objective of the Gamify Your Teaching project is to support professional development of vocational competences of teachers and trainers of entrepreneurship and to enhance ICT teaching through an innovative pedagogy and approach to teaching with the use of gamification.

To achieve this aim, the project puts forward two general objectives:

  • to create and test of simulation game with practical elements covering 7 entrepreneurship subject areas
  • to create and test methodology (didactic materials for Teachers) of teaching entrepreneurship with the use of the gamification

The project directly engaged VET Teachers from Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece. The Teachers participated in various stages of the project expressing opinions and testing didactic materials prepared especially for them. Also the students were directly involved in activities. At the beginning they told game creators about expectations regarding the game, that was tested and evaluated.

The project had a total duration of 24 months, starting in September 2015 and finished in September 2017.

Project activities are (Intellectual outputs):

  • O1 REPORT ON THE ANALYSIS OF NEEDS – the analysis has the purpose of defining the main characteristics that have to play, as well as the level of competence in the field of ICT for teachers and trainers.
  • O2 THE PLAY – consists of 7 teaching modules related to entrepreneurial skills. The game is divided into levels based on scenarios and content that simulates an entrepreneurial activity. The level of the game consists of a real scene composed of a series of possible paths to be taken based on the decisions taken.
  • O3 TEACHING MATERIALS – are intended to guide teachers in the use of the game. The materials are in electronic format and can be downloaded directly from the dedicated site.
  • O4 CASE STUDIES – consists of a collection of at least 35 successful business experiences to support all those who want to undertake an entrepreneurial journey.


The project had a significant impact, in particular on teachers and students who were able to use the products and who therefore had the opportunity to increase their entrepreneurial and ICT skills. In the long period the project has been having a significant impact on how to increase the spirit of entrepreneurship not only of the students who took part in the project, but also of other young people who were reached through different communication channels.

The project also represents an important opportunity to increase collaboration between vocational training schools, companies, social partners and other sector bodies throughout Europe, as well as the sharing of experiences and skills among all the partner countries of the project.

Official website of the project: