DICTAT – Performative Culture Cooperation for awareness on past European DICTATorships


Lead partner

Teatro Magro Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (Mantua)

Programme and call

Culture (2007-2013), Measure 1.2.1 – Call for proposals 2011

Short description

DICTAT is a transnational project co-financed by the Community Culture Programme (2007-2013) within the 2011 call for proposals. InEuropa srl carried out the planning and currently supports the lead partner in the management.



DICTAT intends to create a transnational network of European actors engaged in a process of awareness raising towards the historical memory of the dictatorships that have affected the peoples of Europe in the past, as these experiences have not been ‘reworked’ and sufficiently analysed either in public debates or in school books or texts.

The many dictatorships that have characterised the last century, albeit in different ways and with different characteristics, have a common denominator and are the expression of a progressive reduction of the common conscience. DICTAT wants to provide an interpretation of a History that is not totally distant from our daily reality. Dictatorships are, in fact, ghosts that can reappear at any time, if the community is not attentive and aware.

This will be done through theatre, that is with the co-production of a transnational theatre show for a more precise analysis of what has happened in Europe in the past, addressing in particular the new generations.



Action 1 – Project management and coordination

Action 2 – Starting the project

Action 3 – Web tools and dissemination materials

Action 4 – Media actions and promotional activities

Action 5 – Preliminary research and study activities

Action 6 – Research and study meeting in Italy

Action 7 – Production of the joint DECTAT show

Action 8 – First meeting for the production of the joint show DICTAT

Action 9 – Second meeting for the production of the show Joint DECTAT

Action 10 – Third meeting for the production of the show Joint DECTAT

Action 11 – Fourth meeting for the production of the show Joint DECTAT

Action 12 – Rehearsals and debut of the show in Italy

Action 13 – International Conference

Action 14 – Rehearsals and performance of the show in Spain

Action 15 – Laboratory activities in Spain

Action 16 – Rehearsals and performance of the show in Romania

Action 17 – Laboratory activities in Romania

Action 18 – Rehearsals and performance of the show in Poland

Action 19 – Laboratory activities in Poland

Action 20 – Final management meeting


The main expected results of DICTAT are:

– Creation of a network of artists and cultural operators able to create interest and attention towards the historical memory of past European dictatorships through joint cultural activities.

– Enhancement of intercultural dialogue between cultural operators and professionals, citizens, young people

– Promotion of transnational mobility of cultural operators and professionals related to the production of artistic forms related to theatre performance as a tool for intercultural dialogue, with particular regard to historical and cultural heritage

– Increasing awareness of the fact that theatre is an instrument that can unite different European peoples and facilitate the understanding of common cultural themes.



The partnership is composed of 4 private entities from 4 different countries: Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain.


The project had a duration of 18 months (July 1, 2012 – December 31, 2013)


Under construction

Total Budget

The project has a total cost of € 316,700


€ 158,350 co-financed by the EU (50%)

Funding body

European Commission – Directorate-General for Education and Culture