INTERMODAL: INTERmodality MOdel for the Development of the Adriatic Zone litoranee

Lead partner
Società per la Mobilità intercomunale Conerobus S.p.A, Ancona

Programme and call
Adriatic IPA Programme – Second ordinary call for proposals (2011)

Short description
INTERMODAL is a transnational project related to the experimentation of intermodal mobility solutions as a lever for the promotion of tourism in the Adriatic area, co-financed by the IPA Adriatic EU Programme within the second call for ordinary projects year 2011. InEuropa srl carried out the planning and supported the lead partner in the management of the project.
The project aims at networking various actors of the territories bordering the Adriatic area in order to promote the study and testing of intermodal transport solutions as an element of sustainable urban development and promotion of the Adriatic area in terms of tourism.
Another objective is to make all the main actors of the local transport sector dialogue among each other and with the civil society, through the establishment in each territory of Mobility Commissions, called to define local Strategic Plans on intermodality.
WP1 – Management and coordination
WP2 – Communication and dissemination
WP3 – Research on the situation of transport and intermodality in the areas involved
WP4 – Cross-border dialogue on possible intermodal and sustainable urban transport solutions
WP5 – Pilot actions for the experimentation of intermodal transport solutions identified for each of the areas involved
WP6 – Cross-border networking activities to make intermodality a key to the promotion of tourism in the Adriatic area
The main results of INTERMODAL are:
– Creation of a database with data on transport and intermodality in the areas involved
– Institutions of Mobility Commissions, composed of the main actors of the local transport sector (municipalities, LPT companies, individuals)
– Drawing up of local strategic plans on intermodality
– Pilot actions to test the intermodal transport solutions developed
– Cross-border dialogue on how intermodality can facilitate and promote the flow of tourism in the Adriatic area

Main actors of the local transport sector (municipalities, LPT companies, private individuals), citizens and tourists of the Adriatic area.

The partnership is composed of 9 public or equivalent bodies from 3 different countries. The lead partner is the Inter-municipal Mobility Company Conerobus S.p.A, Ancona (ITALY). The other subjects are: Department of Tourism, Emilia Romagna Region (ITALY), Department of Transport, Puglia Region (ITALY), Municipality of Jesi (ITALY), Municipality of Vlore (ALBANIA), Albanian Ministry of Transport (ALBANIA), Dunea (HR), Municipality of Sibenico (HR), County of Split (HR).
The project lasted 36 months (01/10/2012 – 30/09/2015)
Currently not available
Total Budget
The project has a total cost of € 2 million
85% co-funded by the EU (€1.7 million)

Funding body
European Commission – Directorate-General for Regional Policy